Writing "AIDS, Murder or Mystery?, was my attempt to get the word out, as far as the Truth about AIDS is concerned. After interviewing Dr. Robert B. Strecker, Zears Miles, Eva Snead and a host of other professionals, it was unbelievable how many lies were being published as truth or fact by those who knew they were supporting lies of safe sex and condoms, to monkeys transmission directly to humans.

After interviewing Dr. Eva Snead, who wrote, "Some Call It AIDS, I Call It Murder: The connection between cancer, AIDS, immunizations and Genocide", it was clear the U. S. Government, World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, U. S. Army Biological Weapons Unit and the Medical Industries in Europe and the United States knew quite well the Truth about AIDS, because they each had a hand in its development and circulation with other diseases and viruses into the worlds populations.

AIDS, Murder or Mystery? was submitted to over a hundred supposedly concerned Civil Rights agencies. In addition, individuals, private attorneys and private citizens, who were mailed copies of scientific documents, audio recordings of interviews and the larger groups were sent a video, "The Strecker Memorandum", with those documents, to investigate and challenge this AIDS problem. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was among the very few who responded. Her response was by lecturing on the subject, even after she was advised the subject was too dangerous to discuss. A list of the contents mailed is on the following page, AIDS, Murder or Mystery?.

Although people suggested I may have wasted my money and time seeking concerned Citizens and Civil Rights organizations, one contact proved them wrong. After submitting a package of AIDS information, with a copy of the Strecker Memorandum" video tape to Colonel James "Bo" Gritz something happened. "Bo" Gritz contacted Dr. Strecker and a host of Patriots from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Tax Agents and other speakers to his Center for Action sponsored Freedom Call Conference, held for several years, exposing U. S. Government corruption. ("Bo" Gritz is known for his involvement in POW/MIA investigations of American Veterans, his book A Nation Betrayed and exposing the prior Bush Administration and CIA of Drug Trafficking in the U.S.)

The lack of response was hard to bear, however, Dr. Strecker and Mr. Zears Miles, assured me the culprits of this crime are very skillful at deception and have the unlimited resources of taxpayers money to continue this crime of Global Genocide. Less than five people responded from the information mailed.

AIDS is only a Mystery to those unwilling to seek the truth. In fact, there is really no mystery at all, AIDS a Man-Made Genetically Engendered Disease, created in a Bio-Weapons Lab to do exactly what it's doing, destroying the immune system of those injected with it and those who come in contact with the infected.

The AIDS victims become infected after injection within 7-14 years, depending on their health. The disease is viable (alive) outside the body 14-30 days, with a peak of about 14 days and becomes weaker until about thirty days after it was deposited onto any object. The AIDS Virus is present in all bodily fluids, which makes it obvious a condom can not protect you from the disease, unless of course you step into a full body latex suite and never allow any of your bodily fluids to come in contact with your sex partner. So safe sex and condoms is a lie and the scientific documents also prove that the genes of the AIDS Virus, or Codon Choices of the virus, are not normally found in man or primates. The deeper you look, the more you find and finally you read how the AIDS Virus was created, by culturing genes from animal viruses into human tissue cultures grown in Labs.

AIDS all by itself is a major problem, but it's only part of a much larger problem which is the New World Order, or the Order which has decided who are worthless eaters on this earth and should die. This larger problem was exposed by Lyndon LaRouche, who was imprisoned, in a document titled, "Volker and Haig continue Carter's Global 2000, Genocide 100 Times Worse Than Hitler". (The Global 2000 Report was written about July 1980, endorsed by Secretary of State Edmond Muskey and called for the Worldwide Elimination of 2 Billion Human Beings by the year 2000. According to LaRouche, the Policy of Global Genocide had become the official policy of the United States. The official reason LaRouche was imprisoned was listed as Tax evasion and illegal fundraising in about 1989, in addition, LaRouche in the 1960-1970's was involved in trying to destroy the international drug trade. We can each draw our conclusions why he was imprisoned.)

Please take the time to Read, Think, Listen and Pay Attention, to the Truth about AIDS. If you look up the reference lists on this site, given to UMOJA Research by Dr. Strecker, or read some of the books listed as reference in "AIDS, Murder or Mystery?", then and only then will you begin to see that AIDS is more Monkey Business than monkeys have anything at all to do with it. If you are not comfortable with the Truth, just keep believing the lies of those who pose as your protectors and should you become a victim, well by then it will be too late for your concerns.

Peace Be With You All.


John Burns, UMOJA Research


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