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Welcome to, due to continued request for AIDS Information, which was offered during 1990-1996, UMOJA RESEARCH will make an effort to post as much of that information as time permits. Umoja Research is a not for profit, private and independent research . I hope to give an introduction of my involvement as an independent researcher and how I became involved researching AIDS.

As a private researcher, AIDS is only one of the subjects of interest for Umoja Research. Currently we are becoming more involved in Juvenile Justice and how the Civil Rights, and Freedoms of children are being destroyed in this country. For now this section is for AIDS related information. The site is under construction and anyone with access to these pages at this time is welcome to watch it develop.

If you have any questions, you can Email, or you can write to; John Burns, UMOJA RESEARCH, P. O. BOX 86131, Los Angeles, CA 90031. There are no guarantees to immediate response, again, UMOJA RESEARCH is a Private and Independent not for profit endeavor.

The introductions will take a while, I think it is more important to get the actual documents on line for those of you who are light years behind, as far as realizing the truth about the devastating man-made disease called AIDS.

If you are a student, member of a concerned community, Public Advocate, church member, or anyone willing to research AIDS, my suggestion is, take the AIDS References we received from Robert B. Strecker MD PhD and divide the information into groups. Once divided into groups, you can each look up the information and systematically report to each other what you have found. You can also go it alone, it will be a lengthy process, but it will be interesting.

For those of you preparing to enter this site with disbelief, as far as AIDS being a Man-Made Disease, you can look up several important documents for yourself listed below, or you can read and look up the references on the most Historical Document on this subject, written by Theodore A. and Robert B. Strecker, titled, "This Is A BIO-ATTACK Alert", which you will find in this site.

BULLETIN OF THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION; Vol.47, 1972, No.3, on page 259 we find the recommendations how scientist intended to inject known viruses into human subjects for systematic evaluation of the effects of viruses and immune function. Document gives clinical definition and best means to spread a disease, currently known as AIDS.

THIS IS A BIO-ATTACK ALERT; Written March 28, 1986 by attorney THEODORE A. STRECKER and his brother ROBERT B. STRECKER M.D.Ph.D., this historical document was the first of it's kind presented to the President and Vice- President of the United States and various Federal Agencies with references of proof that AIDS is a Man-Mad Disease and the means of transmission is Medical Injection Programs among specific groups of people. Presented to hopefully save 100's of millions of lives.

Seventh National Cancer Conference proceedings, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Inc., and the United States National Cancer Institute, published by the J.B, Lippencott Company, Philadelphia and Toronto, 1972, in a report on epidemiology by John Higginson M.D., Director of the International Agency for Research On Cancer, Dr. Higginson suggest at page 680: suggests,

"...The complex biology of cancer makes it essential to approach observational studies in man with the same technical sophistication that characterizes animal experimentation" .....

The Fogarty International Center Proceedings, No. 3, May-June 1972, reports the proceedings of a workshop held at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, July 27-30, 1970. One of the conference committees for the conference was sponsored by the John E. Fogarty International Center For Advanced Study In The Health Sciences and the World Health Organization, suggest at page 1102:

"...In relation to the immune response, a number of useful experimental approaches can be visualized. One would be a study of the relationship of HL-A type to the immune response, both humoral and cellular, to well defined bacteria and viral antigens during preventive vaccinations. This would be particularly informative when applied to sibships."

GLOBAL 2000, GENOCIDE 100 TIMES WORSE THAN HITLER; this document was written April, 1981 by the NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC POLICY COMMITTEE, the Global 2000 is a report which calls for the WORLD WIDE ELIMINATION OF 2 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS by the year 2000. Not long after the Honorable Lyndon LaRouche warned American Citizens of this Genocide scheme, he was imprisoned.(World Depopulation)

W. H. O. Murdered Africa, by William Campbell Douglass, M.D.; Before the World Planners can achieve their goal of "absolute control" of the world's population, they must first reduce the existing numbers to an optimum controllable level. The World Planners estimate that planet earth can only sustain a 2.5-billion population by the year 2000, but "Spaceship Earth", according to the United Nations' figures, already has in excess of 4.5-billion people. This hypothesis makes it essential for the world planners not only to bring population growth to a stand still, but it also becomes necessary for a "roll back" in population (the world is to be depopulated); hence zero population programs. (William Campbell Douglass, M.D., made it clear the W. H. O. Murdered Africa was not a question, it is a statement, the World Health Organization Murdered Africa.)

The information on the following pages is only a fine mist at the tip of the iceberg; please note that many of the addresses and phone numbers on scanned documents may no longer apply. Anyone who does not want to believe what you are about to read about AIDS should do as Mr. Burns did, take the reference list given to him by Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D. Ph.D. and see for yourself.

UMOJA Research is not-for-profit and the information in this site is referenced to the specific documents, which you can go to most research libraries and look up yourself. We do not intend to intentionally violate any copyright laws, or produce any information that is not true.

Peace Be With Thee All,

HOTEP (Peace)

John Burns, UMOJA Research, P.O. BOX 86131, Los Angeles, California 90031 **


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